This ia an articl I've been writing on my views of our country.

America: The way I see it
By Matthew Roomsburg

What makes a leader a leader
As a fellow American citizen, I have been disgusted with the state of our nation. The true definition of freedom and prosperity has been snatched out from the very hands of our nation. Our politicians make promises they don't live up to, our economy is in despair, our education system needs fixing, our immigration control policies are bad, our nation is spending trillions of dollars, our healthcare system is broken, and our credit system is broken.
As a citizen of a country that is supposed to be the greatest nation in the world, I am disgusted to see a nation having violence in every one of its cities, politicians who turn on the people of America turn down and their promises evaporate and never happen. This is not the way to run a nation. I expect to live the rest of my life in a prospering nation after living my childhood during our nations struggles.
What I want in my lifetime is to live in true prosperity and peace in America. As a young adult with autism, I along with Donald Trump, see how our nation needs to function to be the greatest nation on Earth again. It all starts with our economy and our education system. I will go into detail later on in this publication on both these things.
Right now, I want to go into detail about our nations failures and outline very briefly what I'll explain later on. Our nation's politicians play a game of publicity frenzy where what they say at all their speeches is already in a pre-typed script they read or is projected on to a teleprompter screen. Just as Donald Trump explains in his book "Crippled America", they all do this because their afraid that they run out of things to say and publicly embarrass themselves.
They basically allow themselves to be dictated to by the media and often leave out key issues and details just to save time and satisfy their audience. They don't at all say straight forth what is on their minds or say it like it is. While this may be good practice of helping to reduce chances of errors during a speech, this take away from what is really on their minds about the issues that they are speaking about.
What our nation really needs is a leader and key decision makers who can come up and say straight forth what is on their minds and jump straight into the heart of the matter. This is what a true leader does. If you call yourself a leader when you couldn't even keep a good track record of delivering a promise and seeing it through to those who look up to you as a leader, you need to try approaching leadership from a different perspective.
A leader is one who is honest, loyal, hard working, gets things done, never gives up, is a good role model to all of whom he is the leader of, and most importantly is a winner. They not only set themselves up for sucess, but those who depend on them and follow in their footsteps as well. True sucess in leadership comes from true dedication to those who look up to you and trust and depend on you to do the right thing.
I have learned this by whatching many television shows, but the most specific genre that has this lesson intergrated which stands out the most to me are Japanese anime TV shows where the writer depicts good leadership amongst the main characters of the storyline of the show. The key to being a sucessful leader of a nation is not the mere goal of satisfying as many people as you can and do nothing furthur, but to be keen to detail and be honest to the people of the nation. Sure there are things that every leader doesn't want yo tell their people, but that shouldn't mean they can just hide what ever it may be. This is incompetence that can be hurtful to a nation and mislead it's citizens.

Chapter 1: Fixing our borders

Our nation has weak borders on it's southern borders. As Donald Trump says "A nation isn't a nation without borders." he couldn't be more correct than this. I was horrified when I saw the news on television of bus loads of people coming in from Mexico and other Central America countries dropping these people into our country. Many of these people were people fleeing from violence in their country of origin.
This comes to show that those other countries care far less about their people than our own country does about it's own. Not only should we deport those who are criminals and try to enter our country illegally, but we must also care about those who come in to escape the violence of their own country. We also need to ensure that those who flee their own country to get away from violence and danger are protected from those who wish to harm them.
We need to also encourage these countries to improve their own health care systems to give their own citizens domestic access to complete medical care and access to medical specialists domestically which they currently don't have on their soils. This would ensure that any patients who require specialty medical care don't have to be air lifted by helicopter or airplane to a hospital on our soils. While they must do this on their own, we can at least give them highly trained doctors who specialize in areas of medicine that many countries currently are unable to offer to their people domestically.
We also need a leader who can be a good role model on this issue for the developing countries. I do think the leaders of the developing countries often look at what has been done by the leaders of the developed countries of the world and do think of modeling their nations policies after the policies of a developed countries.
We also need to build upon our borders in cyberspace and produce a security enhanced version of the Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) so that internet service providers who operate major infrastructure which routes internet traffic to and from the United States can better defend our nations telecommunications infrastructure. Doing this would not only make the America's cyberspace more secure, but also greatly improve our nation's ability to defend itself from cyber attacks that originate from other countries. However, we shouldn't just stop there, we also need adequate internet security personnel and cyberspace law enforcement personnel to neutralize a cyber threat before it can affect a target. This needs to be a major national security priority.
We must not only implement this on our wireline and terrestrial wireless infrastructure, but most importantly on our satellite infrastructure which is far more vulnerable than our wireline infrastructure is. I've read articles on several tech blog sites where Russia's hacking regime is perfecting capabilities of launching cyber attacks utilizing satellite internet infrastructure. So far they've successfully tapped into satellite infrastructure used to deliver satellite internet connectivity to the continent of Africa which uses the unencrypted Digital Video Broadcast Satellite (DVS-B) standard which is mainly used by television stations to distribute their video broadcast feeds to other stations and to Digital Broadcast Satellite (DBS) subscribers.
This threatens the integrity and security of the entire satellite infrastructure used for internet communication. While there has been no reports so far of the Russian hacking regime successfully tapping into a encrypted satellite data link, we need to ensure they don't have any successful attempts at doing this. It would be a nightmare to see them successfully intercept a VPN tunnel link carried over a satellite data link. The key to being able to monitor this activity is extending the surveillance capabilities our nation has and utilize the existing partnerships our intelligence agencies have with international intelligence agencies to ensure the security of our satellite communications infrastructure.

Chapter 2: The freedom of defense

I know every American should be able to defend themselves not only legally, electronically in cyberspace, but physically as well. As Donald Trump states "The second amendment is our second most important right we have.". Many of these "career politicians" we have today often take the fact of how they are just as vulnerable as a typical American civilian is for granted just because they have secret service protection and therefor, have nothing to worry about. We would not have shooting incidents if every law-abiding American owned a firearm. We also would not have major cyber security issues is every American who is an internet user had the know-how of how to retaliate back at hackers in cyberspace who try to hack them.
Our law enforcement are almost overworked every day trying to keep the streets of our communities safe. The best thing we can do to help them and give them extra capacity is to give law-abiding civilians who know how and defend themselves a gun. What we need is a system that actively rewards law-abiding Americans for helping law enforcement bring criminals to justice. We need to recognize these who do good deeds and acts of being a good Samaritan. That's what America is supposed to be about. What good is a free nation when it's civilians aren't legally about to protect themselves?
We need to improve our mental health system by building a system which ties a persons mental health record into their criminal record in a way that won't cause privacy implications, but yet enable better control over the sales of weapons. We need to keep those who have truly harmful intent in our prisons and provide adequate help to those with mental health problems.

Chapter 3: Educating our people

Our K-12 schools currently have ineffective education standards. Common core is a terrible idea as it defines from a federal level a set of academic standards that aren't suited for every single K-12 school in our country. This "One strategy fits all" solution is not the answer. Washington couldn't possibly come to know all the learning strengths and needs of all American public school students as the learning needs of each student vary and looking at an approach such as Common Core as an effective education strategy isn't the way to go. Because every K-12 student is different and this is a consistently changing variable, it is pretty much impossible to try such an approach.
The way we need to structure our K-12 system is structure is give control of K-12 schools back to the local governments and communities. We need to bring back hand-on courses that teach job skills that are important and provide exposure to job skills and occupational skills to kids at a young age. This really would benefit the economy by increasing the number of high school graduates who already have the skills needed to get started on the degree they want to get in the career field of their choice, in turn they would be very productive and greatly drive the economy forward and would help the size of our domestic economy exponentially grow.
We must also not radicalize our children. I've read an article once on one school district in Tennessee adding Islamic education to their version of the national Common Core standards. The article talks about how one middle school in Tennessee required their students to recite and write "One nation under Allah" and "Allah is the only god, Muhammad is the prophet". This even became part of the states state-wide standardized testing material. They also teach their kids the Koran which is a radicalized set of anti-christian philosophies and morals. If our schools are to include religion in their process of teaching morals and beliefs, it better be something like the ten commandments from the holy bible of Christ.
We need to greatly improve our special education system. K-12 students who have an intellectual and/or developmental challenge or challenges. Many of them especially the ones with a mild intellectual and/or developmental disability have wonderful intellectual mind. Especially our special needs K-12 students who have mild autism. There are possibly many of them who would make wonderful employees. This is a major element which leads to acceleration in technological advances.
To have this, we most importantly need special education teachers who know how to pursue the right teaching strategies for intellectually/developmentally challenged students. They must also allow the ones who may be levels ahead of their peers work with material that is on the same level that their intellectual strengths are at. For example, if a mildly autistic 3rd grader has a college level reading skill, they should be allowed to work with college level reading material. Our economy could indeed be globally competitive with a percentage of it being driven be mildly autistic people. Don't give these students the baby stuff to work with.
Our colleges also need to make it financially easier on everyone. Today many students who have difficulty paying for college end up with debt well after they've graduated. This isn't fair to them as it takes money out of their life, and retirement savings funds. They are unable to live up to their dreams because of this.

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