I am Matthew Roomsburg a student at South Arkansas Community College and an employee of Murphy USA. I was born March 27, 1992 at St. Vincent Doctors Hospital just west of downtown Little Rock, AR. I was born at 8 pounds and 16 ounces and was healthy. At 18 months, I was diagnosed with autism by Dr. Judy Johnson, an independent practitioner in west Little Rock. I then went to the early intervention program at Arkansas Easter Seals in Little Rock where I received intensive speech, occupational, and physical therapies during my preschool years. I couldn't talk at that time so i needed a delta talker that served as my voice. Dr. Johnson and other doctors in who I was under the care of at the time said I wouldn't ever be able to walk or talk, but one day I started walking and talking. Though my balance was really unstable at that time I had to use a walker for a short time in preschool until I could stand up on my own with little assistance. I also wore glasses for a short period of time after i had eye alignment surgery to get my eye both in the same position. After graduation from preschool I then went to kindergarten at Harris Elementary school in North Little Rock. I was in the self-contained autistic class. The public school setting wasn't working out for me so when I started 1st grade I went to this private school called Access Schools. I started 1st grade there in 1998. There I continued receiving intensive speech, occupational and physical therapy. I also met some friends and was there for 7 years. I moved late 2004 to Baton Rouge, LA. Because my dad got a job as assistant superintendent at the Louisiana School for the Visually Impaired I wasn't in school for the first two month after we moved there. My mom finally found a private school named Lake Sherwood School which had three special needs classes for students with mental disabilities. I started there in the upper multi level class. My teacher Sharon Moore was real nice and i was there 3 years until the school owners no longer could afford the cost of running the school. This was when I went to a public middle school for 2 years. I was in the self-contained autistic class at Kenilworth Middle school. My second year i was in the inclusion which didn't work out for me. Then i was put back into private school and the school formerly known as Lake Sherwood reopened as Greater Baton Rouge hope Academy. And February of 2010 i moved to El Dorado. May 23, 2011 I graduated from El Dorado High School in El Dorado, Arkansas. I have completed the basic studies program at South Arkansas Community college. I am also in a college program for young adults with disabilities called the Stepping Stones Program. I have graduated the stepping stones program and now am in Cisco 2 and math for business applications. I am now almost done with my associates degree in computer information technology. I also work for Murphy USA as an IT department assistant.

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